Homepage of the PMTC project

The abbreviation PMTC stands for 'Poor Man's TCO Calculater. TCO usually refers to Total Cost of Ownership. A lot of people and company's say a lot of inpressive things about the TCO of an IT infrastructure and it always boils down to the same: 'every situation is different'. In a way they are right but that does not mean that a good estimation is not possible. That is exactly what this software tries to do, to give a rough estimation of the TCO.

If you would like to try the pmtc simply click on a language version below:

If you are a developer and interested to contribute here is the design:
We use a styles/tco.xsl file with a lot of logic and a data/tco.xml file which is language dependant and also contains a lot of initialization code (since sometimes coutries differ with regard to salaries).
We could use the following skills:

  • Graphic designers for a nice PMTC logo.
  • Translators to translate the xml file we use into your language (it will take you 5 minutes, really).
  • Experienced IT people who would like to have a look at the formulas we use to help improve on those.
You will find more information on the sourceforge webpage, and you can off course browse the CVS files.

The PMTC is an initiative off i2rs© 2003 This software is releases under the GPL license.